Please complete this form to participate in the Signature Tennis Sharp Shooter Championship.

Name *
Cell Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Pre-event Practicies *
I will be available for Pre Event Practices on July 8, 15, 29 at Dunwoody CC at 12:30pm
Competition Dates *
I agree to be available for the competition at the evening session as assigned on one of the following dates: August 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th for the “early rounds” of the Shootout.
Semifinals *
I will be available for the Semi-Finals and Final to be held at the evening session Friday August 5th at the Atlanta BBT Open.
USTA Kidzone OR BB&T Group Tickets *
I agree to Donate my time to assist at the USTA “Kids Zone” as assigned by the USTA coordinator of that event - OR – purchase a minimum of 10 tickets for any session of the BB&T Atlanta Open