Squeegee Tip

There are two items that are aggravating to tennis players and tennis professionals. One is a wet tennis court and the second is bad squeegee. Usually, the bad squeegee is torn up or dried out...or the roller breaks down. When this happens, the people using the squeegee complain. Over time, I have found a few ways to improve the use of a squeegee.

The torn up squeegee is a simple fix. Replace the roller. I use both squeegee rollers. I use the blue hard roller and the grey sponge roller. If one does not seem to get the job done, I try the other.

The dried out blue roller squeegee can be worked on in advance of rain! A dried out blue squeegee is hard as a rock. This does not get the job done to any satisfaction. If I know that it is going to rain, and I will have to do some squeegee time, I lay the blue roller squeegees out on the tennis courts where I know I will have puddles. When I show up to use the blue roller squeegee, the squeegee is full of water. The wet blue roller squeegee is soft. When it is soft, it moves water off the court more effectively. 


I hate it when the roller wheel and the axle break down. This happens when the wheel on the end of the squeegee slips off. I have resolved this with 3/4-inch PCV pipe. I cut a piece about a half inch. I slip it onto the axle of the squeegee between the wheel on the end of the roller and squeegee frame. Look at the picture for an example

These are a few tips to help your squeegee experience be productive for you and your tennis players on those days that delay your tennis playing time. If you have other squeegee ideas that work, pass them along to the GPTA members by leaving us a comment on this post. See you on the courts! 

Tim Smith, GPTA Board of Directors & Director of Tennis at Laurel Springs Tennis Center